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The moment you hear the smooth voice and songwriting talent of 19 year old Christian Olson, it’s more than apparent that this newcomer from Colorado is headed places.

Beginning at the tender age of 9, Christian introduced himself to the piano but did not continue in any formal musical training or instruction. His piano teacher encouraged him to take up voice lessons, but he didn’t heed the advice until the age of 15 when he started singing in his high school choir.

Olson attributes his musical inspiration to the singer/songwriter, Jason Mraz, and rightly so. The comparison of Olson to Mraz is quite obvious and as a budding acoustic rock artist fully dedicated to his craft, Christian quickly refined his piano skills then learned to play the ukulele, the acoustic guitar, and even began to write his own songs.

After catching the ear of a producer while jamming at a local Guitar Center, Olson embarked on recording his debut EP, appropriately titled “Coffee.” Just like that cup of morning java, these tracks deliver quite a punch. Lyrically they are exceedingly good, combined with infectious melodies and laid-back vocal performances that are everything a major or indie label is dreaming of. In a nutshell…Olson has the full package.

If you were to meet Christian, he would tell you that although he has not yet lived a full life, he has successfully overcome the chaos and angst that often plagues the typical teenager living in a modern world. He attributes his endurance and humble nature to a rare experience while attending a church service where he contends that he heard God tell him to pursue his musical aspirations and by doing so, he would have a profound effect on others.

Christian later had another supernatural experience that would fully convince him that a life of music was the right path for him to take.

That is why he is willing to risk being open and transparent with his fans about his own journey and struggles. Christian believes that by being vulnerable and honest, he has an opportunity to communicate that they are not alone and offer hope.

If you ever get the opportunity to experience Christian’s talent firsthand, you will not be disappointed. His live performances are evidence of the strong connection he makes with his audience, often sharing his life experiences between songs that he hopes will help to positively encourage and motivate those listening.


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